QueensLatino 3rd anniversary

lunes, diciembre 17 del 2012

To celebrate the Third Anniversary of on June of 2013 we are going to do three innovative things:

Book front page


1-    A hardcover book of past and present Latino leaders in Queens. We are going to highlight only the best. Each leader will have two pages. On the left page we will write, in English and Spanish, about this particular person that we selected. In the opposite page there will be a full-page photograph of that person.

If you want to nominate someone, please write to


2-    We are filming a documentary about Latinos in Queens. This documentary will address issues such as immigration, education, housing, leadership, politics and civic participation.

Documentary QL

3-    We will select a venue to launch the book, show the documentary and hold a conference to examine Latin America and the reality that Latinos are facing in Queens. Latinos in Queens will play an important role in the future of this continent.

Conference QL




Be a part of this movement to empower New York Latinos. Do not get left behind. This will be a historic event for the Latino community in Queens and New York City as a whole. Feel free to contact us at any time.

If you want to be a sponsor of this innovative and historic event, please call (646) 246-1960

QL Social Media Internet  QueensLatino has digital and print editions. And Social Media is very important for us. Sponsors will    get the best from digital and print. We are an authentic Latino media to empower New York Latinos.


Click here to read CUNY’s coverage of our event last year to celebrate our Second Anniversary. QueensLatino is different and very innovative. Be part of our movement for the unification of Latinos in New York and beyond.

Javier Castaño / Director

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